Jake's Clubhouse” is part of a Music For Life Foundation program initiative to raise awareness in the need for and importance of music education. The music clubhouse creation also highlights an Ala Wai School /

Music For Life Foundation partnership in their common goal of providing opportunities for all

through access, collaboration and cooperation.

    Designated and dedicated “The Jake Shimabukuro

Clubhouse for Music Learning and Appreciation” 

(aka "Jake's Clubhouse"), the classroom is filled with

dozens of `ukuleles along with a wide assortment of

musical instruments and sound equipment. The classroom 

also features a variety of music-oriented activities including 

an area for `ukulele instruction, a genuine “`ukulele service and repair center," an actual mini-recording studio and a small performance stage for young school age students to perform and hone their "stage persona."

    In our Music For Life Foundation mission to keep music learning and appreciation “alive” in school classroom education, we initiated and established an on-campus, music oriented classroom and gathering place for Ala Wai Elementary School students. 

We are grateful for the authorization from and support of its school principal Michelle DeBusca.

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