​​​In support of music learning and cultural appreciation, Music For Life Foundation is providing `ukuleles to Hawaii's public libraries for loan to library patrons. A launch for the non-profit group’s “Uke-lending” project was scheduled for February 14, 2019, 6:30pm at Nanakuli Public Library in Nanakuli, Hawaii.

The project is a partnership with the Hawaii State Public Library System, led by Hawaii State Librarian Stacey Aldrich. Music For Life Foundation honorary board director Jake Shimabukuro will co-direct the project.

Made of high-grade polycarbonate plastic and noted for their durability and water resistance, “The Waterman®” series of `ukuleles from Kala Brand Music Company is ideally suited for repeat loan activity.

Music For Life Foundation’s project goal is to put `ukuleles in every public library in the State of Hawaii and make `ukulele-playing opportunities accessible to all.​​

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Music For Life Foundation's `ukulele loan project partnership with Hawaii State Public Libraries

Music For Life Foundation will also assist with recruiting `ukulele instructors at participating libraries to conduct periodic workshops. This will include canvassing celebrity `ukulele artists for their interest in sponsoring workshops at their hometown libraries. 

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