Identification - MFL volunteers contact individual schools to determine whether the `ukuleles in need of repair exist.

     Assessment - An assessment

of damaged `ukuleles will be conducted; time and cost worthiness of repairs will be determined and considered.

     Collection - All `ukuleles recommended for

repair will be collected at a mutually agreed

date and time.

     Repair - Whether via MFL or by third-party

vendor or individual, the `ukuleles will be refur-

bished and renewed. 

     Return - All repaired `ukuleles submitted for

repair to be re-turned to the originating school.

Music For Life intends to further support this project by organizing fundraising activities in order to assists schools with establishing funding for musical instrument repair costs, music instruction material, and other expenses, such as `ukulele strings and parts replacement.

It’s important to us to be as clear about the services and activities we provide communities and individuals in need. This list details a few of our recent initiatives that would greatly benefit from your support and participation:

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February 21, 2017

Play4M.E. officially opens at Honolulu's Ala Moana Center (Ewa wing, street level mauka near McDonald's)

Play4M.E. (Music Education) is a “music gathering place” for the community. With nearly 100 `ukuleles at its Ala Moana Center location, Play4M.E. is intended to provide the joy of playing music with `ukuleles; making it available and accessible to anyone and everyone.

Our Mission

 Throughout June 2017 (Extend to end of July!) 

`U.4M.E. (`Ukuleles for Music Equipment) Donation Drive and Promotion.

​One Kala Waterman `ukulele will be given away for each musical equipment or instrument donation brought to Play4M.E. at Ala Moana Center.

Call 808-753-7394 for details.  

Calendar of Events

     "`Ukulele Hana Hou!" is a Music For Life project

initiative intended to locate damaged `ukuleles in

Hawaii's public schools, repair them free-of-charge

and return them to their originating school. The

goal of this initiative is to restore and re-purpose

`ukuleles that have been abandoned or forgotten

resulting from earlier loss of music education


      With fundraising and other novelty and challenge activities, this  project is also designed to raise awareness in the need and importance of keeping music education "alive" in schools and in classroom curriculums.  Additionally, with `ukuleles back in the classrooms, we hope to re-energize interest in using the `ukulele as a teaching tool for music learning. The project is implemented on a school-by-school basis and is coordinated in a 5-stage process:  
Identification, Assessment, Collection, Repair and Return.

The Lives We Impact

To become a leading organization in empowering people through music while creating favorable environments that offer beneficial life options and career opportunities for all.

Kala Brand Music Company demonstrates their support for our current`ukulele*repair

or replace* school initiative

with their awesome donation

of *2,000* Waterman `ukuleles!

To empower people by supporting  music-related programs and activities that raise awareness in the tangible benefits, advantages and opportunities

of music education. 

Featured Project - `Ukulele Hana Hou!

Latest News

Our Initiatives and Services

On-going . . .

"Da Beat Goes On..." Music For Life's musical instrument donation drive-a community activity to collect gently used  musical instruments for distribution to schools and students in need.

“Music has impacted my life by helping me do well. Ever since I was a child, my Uncle would play the ukulele. He would sing to me when I was feeling down or when I’m going to bed...

Music will help me, my family, school and community and I hope to use this opportunity of being in band to help get me to college and a scholarship. (The) hope of getting into a good college and university will help me find a career which will be good if I plan to have a family in the future.”


Victoria Kaleiopu,
Wai`anae H.S. Junior year student

  • Repair and maintenance of school `ukuleles and other musical instruments
  • Restoring Wai`anae High School Marching Band (Wai`anae, HI)
  • Providing performance experience and venues for young, talented and promising musicians
  • Supporting community centers and schools with music programs and instruments 
  • Assists music education-related causes and needs with fundraising and musical instrument donation drives.

“(The Mele Ukulele) project will 

increase family engagement and community interest as it supports area children. Music For Life Foundation is also recognized for their tremendous support in their efforts for art empower- ment and music enlivenment for the children of Papakōlea. Our board and staff are supportive of Music For Life Foundation’s mission in keeping music education “alive” in our schools and in all our communities.”


Arienne Dillard, MSW, LSW

Executive Director

​Kula No Po`e Hawai`i

Our Vision

'`Ukulele Hana Hou!"`Initiative

Before the 2016 year's end, `ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro 

successfully completed his personal challenge of repairing 100 Kamaka `ukuleles for music education awareness and to commemorate

Kamaka `Ukulele's 100th anniversary!!

"...fostering a brighter, better future for all through music "

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